In scent’s memory

Written by dark fate

I slithered back home

Hanging tree now lit

Victim of the ploy

Of innocence lost

The death of her dreams

Now ready to dry

Wet eyes follow stars

In branches of light

Germs in each corner

The sea progresses

Heads covered in fuzz

Symbol of demise

Setting boundary

A flag flying high

The ticks clung on hard

Quiet times restored

The soul sits so still

The way of the breath

A goodbye to royalty

Music flooded head

Pray fall into heart

Wet grass tickled feet

The dust had settled

Trace of red teardrops

Prince of Peace anew

Humans united

The waters flowed calm

A thousand answers

All rage now vanquished

Words interrupted

Multiverse exhales

My heart hummed wild songs

Multiverse forming

My chest blazed alight

The lotus balanced

Initiation settled

In transformation

A heron looked on

Recreating Life

Catch me when I fall

Solid ground denied

I am all though none

Toward river bank

Around shape of things

In love we gathered

The river racing

Our future is bright

Ocean greets me kin

Eye gathered lilies

Slow fall drops of rain

Crows invade my sight

Do you hear me now?

The monsoon relief

Into heaven’s frame

Morning optimism

Lady who fainted

The weightless measure of things

Seagulls Homecoming

Rosso di Cuore / The carmine of Heart / Le pourpre du Coeur

A play of the tides

Like milk and honey

Conflagration of Senses

Unruly minor

A form of chaos

As spring makes its way

To where I will bloom

I fall through the cracks

Man and sun conspired

Reinvented spring

Writing Neverland

Trinity within my Blues

Set against moonfall

Life sprouts from passing

The untarnished Twelve

Sing o Birds

The view loses charm

Dark Matter’s ink diluted – (A series of Tanka with a concluding Haiku or Senryu as one wishes to see it)

Broken memories my staff –  (An Alexandrin with a concluding Haiku)

 Shaking skies ink black

A roadmap to Bliss

A Winter to remember

Perhaps one Winter

Winter’s promises وعود الشتاء

Replicating cells

In the silence of my Heart

Fear Ego’s highest Level

Jerusalem’s lost Ark wind

Life wide open change

Now that the trail has gone cold

Healing lines my Heart

I died yesterday

We need the mortar

Infinite dams Breed

Stillness in Tremors

Gravity propelled

The Lisping set Flames

When the shift cause quakes

I, flying Phoenix

Stairway to the Skies

Seeing You through I

I Am that I Am

Aurora Borealis

Chronos my brother


Dance with me Lover

Mother forsakes us Never

Forgive me Father

Yellow Sunflower

Other poles shifted

Dynamics of Love

My slender Oak Tree

What I love about her feet

Ocean of Despair

The River of Time

You can only see with Heart

Frills for our Future

Your lips on my skin

Be my rising Star

In trail of Feathers

Dancing to the winds

Breath of the Divine

Closing Heartpath Core

Ten was the number

Frost bites my Heart’s Lace

Synchronicities unfold

So Close yet so Far

In Nomine Patris – Not!

The falling leaves smile

In Memoriam Aeternum

In the Peak of the Darkness

Where all is Balance

Dominions to come

You who know my Heart

I speak from within Future

Rhapsody of Souls

As Queen of the Sun

Pathways to Heaven

Return to Simplicity

Harrowing will be thy shame

In Circles of Time

Keep safe Messenger

The touch of your hand

Building a New World

A New World awaits

Infinite Expansion starts

No more you nor I

Reaching a place of stillness

Drunk on loving Ecstasy

Walk with me a thousand years

Lady of shadows

Three, three like a tree

Night engulf me like satin

Alternate realities

Should I dance with you?

Your touch my soul soothed

Swaying to the Times

Silence of the Heart

Waking within the Heartpath

In my dreams I fly

Break through the Heartpath

Ecstatic togetherness

The cracks in the wall

Reaching Heart Stillness

Become Love my Love

Internal workings

Listen to the Angels speak

My spirit dances

Love letters from Netherworld

The Elements raged

The Illusion of your Face

زجاج الدموع

This Oracle in my Heart


Walking in Dreamland

I heard Spirit’s Heart

Love was only chance

Butterflies died first

Those sinuous lines


In Peace with the Flames

Only Love makes Perfect Sense

Come into my Life

I choose to colour my Heart

You live deep in me

Listen to my Heart

Winding down the clocks

As the Water flows

Control Halt Delete

The Loss of what is not there

The unbearable Knowledge

Love Minimalism

The bread of Mercy

Run through the light maze

Getting the Tune right

I will bear the Ring

This spirit in me

Love the greatest choice

Tomorrow will rise سيشرق الغد

Open your eyes now Adam

Through the veil of dark despair

Come Age of the Heart Wisdom

لموضوع الحب

The Subject of Love

A World of Magic

Love without limits

Let me be your Gipsy Love

The Time will never come back

Your emblem of Love

Living in split worlds

All winds are howling (Translation of Arabic haïkus called رياح تعوي )

رياح تعوي

Of perhaps and of maybes

Perhaps loving is leaving

Beyond Connection

Happily ever laughter

Back into Jerusalem

Dance me to the End

A day will soon come (Translation of “Il viendra le jour”)

Il viendra le jour

Resta nel mio cuore

May you end all sanity

Practising still life

This incessant hide and seek

Are we done hiding?

I will call your name

This essence of you

Renew my essence

Merging is Emerging One

Flawless and silent

Will you miss me when I’m gone?

Blood, this flow in me

What is this Madness?

Every time I doubt

This empty room without you

قوة غرامك / The power of your love

The fabric of dreams

Fleetingly daytime joined in

When you and I sleep

إشتد البرد

As the pace quickened it stilled

متى تجيؤ؟

The last one standing

The red writhing hood

Eternity’s flights

Across Time’s Oceans

Dance into the Wild

Worldly ties can knot

Life? It flows tireless!

The battles in me

A million kisses

Can Earthly love heal?

I yearn to go Home

Ecstasy of You

Your presence in your absence

When we think it right

In mutual growth

The foghorn blows not

I am All and None

End in beginning

مثل الإشتعال

Dying within me / Mourant en mon être

Breaking the dark waves

Fondersi in te

Burn it in the cold

Angels don’t walk Earth

The blurred lines of me

Where evil and good didn’t roam






















Al Tuo tocco



All the promises




















Eye wept for you, I?


Sky blush

Time passing flowed still



As a closing, I would like to share with you that the Haiku poetry I write is mainly the classical Haiku form which follows the 5-7-5 rule in writing every stanza with some exceptions using the shorter version of 3-5-3 starting December 22, 2015

Initially I always thought that what I wrote in this format was only considered Haiku before a fellow blogger (FT Ledrew) alerted me to the fact that Haïkus only mentioned nature and that anything which included human emotions was rather called Senryu so I created a new section called Senryu. Upon further research on the web though I realised that the difference was not so clear-cut and that poems including human emotions could still be called a Haiku. Indeed, when there is a mix between references to nature and to human foibles, the poem could well be a Senryu and a Haiku. For more information on this topic I find fascinating please see http://startag.tripod.com/HkSenDiff.html


Probably most of the above would rather be considered Senryu but I have left them here for now and have decided that, for future poems, even if there is reference to both human and mother nature, I would include it as a Haiku if it had a season reference as well as also put it Under Senryu.

Besides some poems I write have one or more Haikus within them as well as one or more Senryus. I hope you enjoy the above.

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