Pencil drawings

Charcoal sketches



Pencil sketches 



Flamenco dancer

Stabat Mater copy


Tango sketches

Tango 5

Tango 3


Tango 4

Tango 2


Sufi man

Old man 1

Maxim and Yukako in Nuevo tango embrace






Faed, a friend and a tango partner in Dubai




  A friend’s son




A horse’s head



Tribal nude

Tattoo me up with henna drawings




I pray

Hooded woman like a monk praying





Sketches of myself

Sketch of myself from a passport picture  Sketch of myself from a mobile picture getting ready to go out


Sketches of friends and colleagues from the office

Sarcastic Ali but with a soft big heart       







Woman three quarters lying down on bed



15 thoughts on “Pencil drawings

  1. You are a woman of many talents…I really like this portfolio of your work…pencil sketching is something I have an interest in and while I have completed a few sketches I still have a way to go before I will feel comfortable enough to share them…

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  2. Very nice sketches, and I really like your willingness to sketch yourself – I have found not so many artists are willing to take the risk of looking at themselves this way. And the expression on your subject’s face in the ‘Desire’ sketch is quite inspiring … given the shape of the nose and mouth / lips, I see some striking similarity to your self portraits; which leads me full-circle to my compliment about being willing to take the risk of applying your artistic eye to your own self 🙂

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      • I am also self-taught … this stems back to my early childhood, when my parents largely ignored the boy playing with the pencil, thinking he was too young at the time to teach. By the time they realized their mistake, I had taught myself a peculiar way of holding the pencil, a way I continue to use. Writing, drawing and reading all started from this time. Your technique is something it seems you are still in the process of discovering – though you seem pretty far along with this – what I like about your sketches is that you capture real emotion with them, and that you aren’t afraid to take risks. That is something I don’t think you pick up from art lessons 😉

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