To love a shadow

To love a shadow

28-29 February 2016

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The heart knows

Stories of lovers

Beyond Death

Beyond Time

Beyond pretense of the rhyme

When heartbeats spoke Truth


Jane, Ann, Ruth

I now have no name

No one calls

Like leaf falls

The pitter patter of me

Is soundless echoes


Orphaned hands

They twitch in waking

To lost face

In Time’s sands

History in the making

Legends of disgrace


All is lost

Some wounds never heal

The appeal

Is to heart

For when sadness does depart

Gaping hole remains


Counting tears

Assessing the cost

Of dark fears

That shunned her

Remnants of faded sounds stir

Memories of living


I knew you

Like obsession’s ink

You drove me

To the brink

Inches of blinding madness

As I distilled you


ghosts hand


In wine’s haze

I dissolve your thoughts



Gate to intoxication

You haunt my footsteps


I change skies

Like you change white shirts

Neat and smart

Cufflinks art

Ornaments like my clouds stain

Safe haven for rain


You wipe them

As they settle rust

Tiny dots

Mock Silver

Stain less steel for my killer

While I drench starched cuffs


They pierce me

The gift she once made

Tying ends

Loose nooses

Extremities on same arms

That oft held her too


I throw them

Into winding pits

Of my mind

Eyes now blind

To the spaces in between

What was and will be


I keep none

Cuffs and links oppress

Simple dress

I adorn

My mind learning has begun

To love a shadow


Reading of the poem: 

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The shadows of my name – Emma Ruth Rundle

Night visions – White lilac

The colour of the night – Lauren Christy

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