The Kettle

The Kettle

5 August 2017

Kettle-mary sue
Courtesey Mary Sue from Daily Mail


The kettle was on the stove with its contents probably close to boiling point she thought. She looked at her ring idly and sighed. It was a beautiful ring but somehow its beauty was stifling. She looked at it again and the sparkle of the huge diamond lit a corner of her face as the sun hit it reflecting its sheen on several items around her. She looked at the kettle again.

The last time she had seen it, it had been across her face, with Elias handling it to give her a blow across her jaw, splitting it partially and breaking open a tooth. Elias’s unrecognizable face had poured out a flurry of ghastly words at her, while she had slowly fallen to Earth, further trampled by his large feet. The day she had returned home from the hospital in his company with a large bouquet of roses, he had been so remoseful that she had forgiven him fully. Since then once or twice he had growled at her when she did things “the wrong way”, i.e. in a way that he thought incorrect but had not been violent.

The kettle let out a high whistle as it puffed steam out of its top. She gazed at it before looking at the point where Elias had been sitting…


kettle stock alamy com

You’ll Never Know – Vera Lynn

7 thoughts on “The Kettle

    • Now I am not sure whether to leave it like that for each reader to imagine a situation or whether to go ahead with my initial desire to write Kettle 2 regarding what actually happened with both of them and that involved (or not) the kettle 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I am so behind the schedule of my reading it is quite alarming 😀


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