Funny times

Funny times

27 January 2016

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Funny times

Playing hide and seek

You cooked rhymes

Without salt

Neither of us was at fault

For wasted banquets


Spent morrows

Breakfast on the grass

Buttered bread

Goes to head

And wastes energy in class

Learning how to cheat


I don’t judge

Merely spectator

Of your taunts


Invisible specter haunts

Breaking the journey


Now we know

Truth a dictator

Merely points


No other options arise

Naked casts the lies


Fishing rod

An expedition

To North pole

Ice clad holes

Looking through frigid waters

Bears much decorum


We eat green

End harvests yellow

Worn out scythes

Cutting rough

Jagged edges the result

Of years of neglect


The lost sheen

Of Heart ne’er mellow

Closed with time

The crusts hard

It would take more than a bard

To liquefy rust


The songs shared

Lost inner ramblings

Of tepid heart

The ways cold

Fortune favours but the bold

Scared hares learn respect


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Funny times

Your expectations

Coughing mirth

Mind roams Earth

We leave on journeys of sight

The other a wall


Angels fall

Their wings clipped neatly

Bundled prize

Winners tired

All the things that I admired

I barely recall


We knew not

Time spins arrogance

Huddled groups

Dissect frogs

Princes relic of the past

Fairytales don’t last


Titles wrought

Imagination a curse

Misspelled dreams

Broken screams

Crossing rivers between logs

Hush baby don’t fly


I lost them

Twice forgotten wings


Morphing cast

Theatrical face aghast

He prays for my soul



Malice reservoir



Everything against the Love

Head bent weep o Dove


You spell wrong

God takes not an A

Yet you goad

Lost cattle

Against the odds I battle

Heart lost in dark road


This testing

I know it was honed

Yet I fail

Yet I wail

It cost my faith yet I hail

Your endless glory


Reading of the poem: 


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Voyage – Youn Sun Nah

Into Dust – Youn Sun Nah

Consider me gone – Youn Sun Nah


51 thoughts on “Funny times

  1. I have been reading a lot of the poems I missed this past week, and my mind is full and satisfied with imagery, and beautiful literary devices crowning your thoughts. Your writing is always magical Geetha!
    Love coming to your page every time!
    and love to you! ❤

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    • Thank you Dajena. I had rounded off all my letting go or so I believe and started on new beginnings including in actual concrete life as I have a new role and different time schedules so have less time to read. Like you I have missed out on so many writings but have the emails in my inbox for those I have not been able to read yet. For some reason your emails never reach me like your notifications never do as well and I have to actually go to your page and see what you have written. Andrew seems to be having a similar problem but for him it is all 1000 blogs he is following 😀 😀

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  2. Words as beautiful as your soul! The whole poem even though short and expressed in few words, seems to have run by like a story and captured a life times experience. I absolutely love the ending ❤

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  3. As is usual when I read your poetry, I don’t know where to begin. I liken it to unraveling a sweater and then rendering the wool until there is nothing left but hair-like fibres. Even then, I doubt one could easily decipher those strands without the code, which, I am sure you don’t even have all the keys for.

    This piece really speaks to me because of its reflective nature. I see the speaker reflecting on herself through different stages in life along with another. I love how you start this piece off. Where I come from, salt was necessary to keep meat and fish in the days before refrigeration. So, too, if we don’t salt away those rhymes they become wasted banquets. What a great analogy of words losing flavour – not keeping.

    Throughput, I enjoy each small glimpse into the speaker’s past. From the struggles of non-judgmental youth, surviving haunts and taunts; through the rusted flakes of the heart, as it was exposed by deep wounds, unable to liquefy; onto the switch in the second half where the speaker turns to spirituality. I really love the references to fallen angels, God and love. And, the speaker might have lost faith, but there is hope in that final line.

    I know I have barely scratched the surface but there is not the time in a day to do it complete justice.

    Beautiful, Geetha!

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    • Thank you Thomas for taking the time for your beautiful analysis. Where I come from too salt was necessary back in the days but that was when my mom was still young 🙂 You’ve really analysed it very nicely and thoroughly. As for the faith one is not sure whether it is related to the faith in God or in Love or perhaps in both 🙂
      Thanks again for your beautiful words Thomas!

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