Of Dragons Alit

Of Dragons Alit

4 January 2017

Courtesy Adanethiel on deviantart.com


Second birth

In the coming tide

Renewed start

Dragon Heart

All the falling Angels ride

To the peaks of firth


Released dearth

Bounty opens wide

From whole part

Given smart

Division one-sided snide

Unholy the mirth


Renewed Earth

Rescheduled divide

Fair impart

Better art

Their shares kept split greater slide

Unto lands of Perth


Earth to split

Summon equation

The will sways

In two ways

Bounty to grant each nation

The reveal of pit


Teeth that grit

Release translation

Darkened frays

In forays

Solitude alienation

Forgotten curse spit


Mind outwit

Keep Heart elation

All delays

Time outweighs

Stillness reverberation

Of Dragons Alit


Reading of the poem: 

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Leaving the Nest – Audiomachine

Eternal Flame – Audiomachine

Transcendence – Audiomachine

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