Angels don’t walk Earth

Angels don’t walk Earth

28 July 2015


Evening expands

Its mantle shade for all souls

Some darkness, some light


The moon rises slow

In inky horizon stares

At my downcast face


A flutter nearby

Responding to twist in chest

Angels don’t walk Earth


Skies dark split open

Gathering essence of me

As it gushes forth


Night sleeps in my heart

That beats so slight to wane tunes

Ice cold and withered

Courtesy Rachel Annette on

5 thoughts on “Angels don’t walk Earth

  1. Darkly beautiful, balanced on the edge of melancholy but not quite crossing that threshold. There is also a note of despair, that turned to resignation … almost as though the speaker has resigned her / his self to darkness, the fight / spark seems to be gone. This, I think, is where I found the saddest note in your poem.

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    • In search of balance both darkness and light must be let in when one seeks balance through stillness. Perhaps what you perceive as resignation is the initial yielding to the disappearance of the idea of duality when letting in the concept of darkness while stilling the mind in terms of any judgement impulse that may arise


        • The downcast face refers to the idea of not wanting to look at the moon or the deception of duality it represents with its blend of light and darkness. The cold heart reference is owing to the fact that everything is experienced through the Heart and because the Heart usually perceives Love as warmth, it must also perceive Love as cold to rid itself of duality. In the same way, because all experiences are going through the Heart, it tends to wither when the experiences are extreme and perhaps not carried out in the right way 🙂 . We falter and then find our way

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