A deathly pallor

A deathly pallor

12 March 2015



Night’s sky breathed aloud

Jasmine like a streak of light

Called to the wild side

An intake of wilderness

Throbbed in my mind’s eye again


The owl hooted once

Its cry silenced by the night

That prepared for doom

The knell rang on as I knelt

Neither submissive nor wild


The rose felt its thorns

Through darkness that hid its gait

In reminiscence

Pictures against my mindscape

Shuddered with stark remembrance


The lanterns hissed out

As storms danced into their lights

Darkness then prevailed

Cloak of night like a fog reigned

A while as I let it creep


The winds blew their hearts

In clouds that scattered silver

Like coins strewn in sky

Pennies would have outweighed thoughts

As they roamed without purpose


Remnants of us glowed

Ghostly ink against pink flesh

A deathly pallor

Gaunt cheek though pale stood firmly

Its twin it offered no more


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