13 July 2015

mercy angel 4

Lovingness in peace

Extended to all alike

Grace to the Fallen


Heart’s expanding Light

Bringing where foe is no more

Caress for a blow

mercy angel 2

Photos courtesy of bloggers on and country girl blogs (no sources cited)

5 thoughts on “Mercy

    • Thank you Deborah. You are so right about the writing and the music. You might want to check on the website of kosmogonic. He has the same thoughts about writing and music. Keep well and I hope your brother is doing fine

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      • Checking out the kosmogonic webpage now. Stephen is well. Next month August I plan to take him to a minor league baseball game. The Brooklyn Cyclones. Should be fun. On that note sports is another way to channel feelings and emotions. The human mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time so if you focused on hitting or catching that ball or running you become immersed in the moment. Many Thanks for introducing me to all this wonderful music.

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