And the river flowed

And the river flowed

21 March 2015



Tree recovered leaves

Wringing hands it tossed them out

Of barren brown trunks

A sterile dull mind would cope

Changing not the weather’s course


Lily pierced the ground

Shy head crowned in white shimmered

Breathless she panted

Lungs fighting for air I sang

In unison with her plight


Bougainvillea stood

Wearing many a colour

On one single bough

Not one but walking many

A path hummed for me a path


Plumbago weightless

Whispered to rose that sighed low

Covered in purple

Crimson hues engulfed my frame

As rose touched my indigo


Earths banks sat weeping

While the mountains fed the source

And the river flowed

Thoughtless I followed the light

No shadow caressed my toes



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