Infinite Expansion starts

Infinite expansion starts

4 October 2015

twirl cirque du soleil com
Courtesy cirque du Soleil


Spirit took my Heart

Lessons of morrows he gave

I listened silent


In most energies

There is the low and the high

Arhythmical Hearts


Find the right Heartbeat

Following the sound of you

Where mind chatters die


Joffrey Ballet 2012
Courtesy Joffrey Ballet 2012 on


On Love’s long journey

Two enter a bright tunnel

In Ecstasy twined


stillness pinterest com 2


Who emerges then ?

Either One or neither one

The Choice is in Heart


When mind chatter stops

In pursuit of core Being

The Soul knows not Fear


Let me gift you Heart

Infinite Expansion starts

Where you hold just Love


twirl michaelspornanimation com

2 thoughts on “Infinite Expansion starts

  1. Intimacy is always a risk: “Who emerges then? / Either One or neither one”, but it is worth the risk is it not. I didn’t always believe that. To now know that authentic sound (song) where the mind cannot go and fades away: “Arhythmical Hearts // Find the right Heartbeat / Following the sound of you / Where mind chatters die” Wonderful.

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    • Thanks for your very insightful views and for sharing your personal experience with the beautiful openness that runs through all your writings. You are so much in contact with your soul. I am glad you found the song; definitely worth the risk 🙂 Enjoy the loving times!

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