Of transformation

Of transformation

17 May 2016

dawn flickr com
Courtesy flickr.com


Lost fragments

The soul gathers slow

Endless task

Humming low

In the twining suns I bask

Split between the Times


Take my words

Reunite their glow

In half-light

The half truths

More than feel of nursery rhymes

Picture perfect shot


Hear them now

Arrival of birds

Giant wings

Leader sings

The songs of new beginnings

Of transformation


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy pinterest.com

Dawn – The Cinematic Orchestra


Arrival of the birds – The Cinematic Orchestra

Transformation – The Cinematic Orchestra


13 thoughts on “Of transformation

  1. Wonderful, Geetha! An excellent way of describing the methodical process of finding former pieces of oneself and painstakingly placing them back where they belong. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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