Funnily enough I started out saying no awards and then got three in a row almost so I decided to actually create a page where I put those I accepted because of the quality of the persons who offered them to me. It was more about them thinking of nominating me than the award. I am putting these up as a homage to their blogs


The Versatile Blogger Award – Nominated by Simon Farnell from sfarnell ( )  His blog is a great place to go to for some funny comic strips, to discover interesting tips on life and the Universe or simply to read some cute and quirky or nerdy/geeky stuff that is hilarious sometimes. He also has a nice musical choice to pick from.

Discover some interesting facts about him on this page

Versatile blogger



The Beauty Blogger Tag Award – Nominated by TeeKay from Teekay Take (

Discover some interesting facts about her on this page 

Beauty Blogger 3

I am not a beauty blogger, as far as external beauty goes at least. Perhaps I am a soul beauty blogger 🙂


The Lovely Blog Award – Nominated by Florence from Meanings and Musings ( )

Discover seven facts about her on this page




The Liebster Award – Nominated by John Coyote ( )


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The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award – Nominated by Thomas Ledrew, yup, don’t stare he has checked and he is NOT a woman 🙂


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The Dragon’s Loyalty Award – Nominated by Tosha Michelle

( )

dragon loyalty

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