1 January 2016

We newhdwallpapers in
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Two worlds

Form one word

Live through spaces

Between yours and mine

From silence changing Times

Breath takes soul to other heights

Where pure and mature more than rhyme

Define crystal growth weave through our soul

Verbs nouns add verbs make my words the richer

Known blue nostalgia creeps leaves us whole

Shuttered words shivering thoughts chime

Dark split from play of bright lights

Draw maps change paradigms

Share the bread and wine

Through your traces

Knead unheard



We webtretho com
Courtesy webtretho.com


Crystal ball – Yngwie Malmsteen

Forever One – Yngwie Malmsteen

Feeling – Edward Maya feat Yohanna A

29 thoughts on “We

    • Thank you. I love this form too. Always so much love to go around. I wonder why so many of us sometimes are blinded and go looking for the fear and unhappiness. Perhaps a poetic trait 😀 The shape is made by putting an Etheree (1 to 10 lines with respectively 1 to 10 syllables) and below it a reverse Etheree. I like it better when the 10th line of the Etheree is also the first line of the reverse Etheree

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