Disappearing act

Disappearing act

1 December 2015


nymph warlocke tripod com
Courtesy warlocke.tripod.com



The wise ones once said

There was too much of a Love

Share it with the All


With Summer’s waning

I gifted you to the sea

Its frothing horses


Ebb and flow tireless

Played with your dazzling body

A game of waters


Above Autumn’s light

I gifted you to the hills

Their curving silence


The shrubs and the trees

Twined with the hairs on your head

Weaving dark stories


Below Winter’s cold

I gifted you to mountains

Their chilly snow peaks


Rocks and crevasses

Sprinkled with your throbbing skin

Uneven castles


Beside Spring’s blossoms

I gifted you to deserts

Their whispering sands


Yellow sands’ showers

Cloaked your soul in Time’s essence

Smothering stillness


When there was no more

The seas, hills, mountains, deserts

Took silent your place


Wise ones gazed at me

Amplified and distended

Disappearing act


disappearing artistrising com (2)
Courtesy artistrising.com



Skye – Clock to Stop


11 thoughts on “Disappearing act

  1. ah, the essence of love, shared with all the seasons until it has been completely absorbed…another brilliant poem weaved throughout the seasons, which continue to cycle long after we have disappeared…:)

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    • Yes but also beyond, as if some loves need to be purged through the seasons so that they may be somewhat diluted and if you are defined by that love then once you have attempted to purge it by sowing it everywhere then you actually disappear yourself. Just a few thoughts, pondering on what would happen if you allowed a love to define you and whether you actually should.

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