Of mice and dices

Of mice and dices

9 December 2015


dice photoshopcreative co uk
Courtesy photoshopcreative.co.uk


My toes in the sand

Chipped irregular paintings

Edges’ adornments


Colourless waters

Whisking away solid grounds

I stand through nowhere


The sea comes to die

On sinking sand that withstands

My frame as I lie


dice en wikipedia org  mice.jpg
Courtesy en.wikipedia.org



Down crashes the moon

Picture perfect of night fall

Under rising sun


dice hdwallpapers im
Courtesy hdwallpapers.im


The waves roared thunderous

Upon wild decaying shores

Swept dark moonlight’s blue


Winter’s rain beckoned

Fleeting recognition’s wink

Seasons bear their tides


I rose up to ends

Stammered stories, chattered pains

Of mice and dices



Skateboarding Mice On The Gold Coast
Courtesy Shane Wilmott and Tim on huffingtonpost.com


Howards End sequence analysis clip

Howard’s End Trailer

May 9, 2015 Bluebells in Sussex

19 thoughts on “Of mice and dices

  1. Geetha, your images are as always, spectacular. This piece left me speechless. Like a night at the theatre. It filled me with a sense of loss and yet at the same time, hope of new beginnings. Beautiful.

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    • Thank you Annie. Very perceptive reading 🙂
      For the pictures, there are so many artists to thank out there who keep producing amazing pictures. At the beginning of my blogging I just used to Google and take but as I kept finding more and more beautiful pictures I thought perhaps I should be recognising them somehow although one can never be sure who really is the artist. Then I chanced upon a fellow blogger who simply puts the web reference of where he got the picture from Google and I thought that was a marvelous idea and adopted it since then. Sometimes when the actual name of the artist is available I add it too, some way of thanking them for their images.

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      • I didn’t realise I could do that. Brilliant idea, Geetha. I know that my images are often a little timid because I stick to one sight. Who knows what will be possible if I actually look properly.

        Liked by 1 person

        • If you look with the same creativity you are unveiling within yourself and to us I am sure you will find astounding images. The ones you take and post are already wonderful. I use combinations of words to browse through Google. For this one it was fantasy dice woman and others too.Sometimes I combine pictures so the one I have on my Facebook poetry page is actually one I have made of two images.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Bless you, Geetha. That’s a beautiful thing to say and one that will give me added bounce on my journey to the ‘other side of the kitchen.’ We don’t have the greatest broadband speed here and so it may be quicker at times if I draw one myself. Only kidding but it really can be slow.

            Liked by 1 person

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