Second skins peel into day

Second skins peel into day

14 January 2016

enlace m2woman co nz


Look at me

I reflect your face

Shining bright

Sketched in me

Your inks an invitation

To discover nights


See me through

Light’s mysteries flee

From my touch

Lurching sparks

I reach within owls’ feathers

Gathering fate’s quills


Whiff my scent

Pick up on the shards



Remnants of sunshine and ache

As I exhale dark


Smell me dry

Of memories might



The scent of despair and hope

Heady wanderings


Voice me soft

I fall like caress

From your lips

To my wait

Where two and two make more else

A fusion of sorts


Scream my name

In tattoos that writhe

Through my scars

Like dewdrops

On your hair and shoulders’ curve

The moon will glisten


Listen now

I speak of Beauty

Love your heart

Bless your soul

There are landscapes in my mind

Where we fly like birds


Hear me out

I will convince you

Of lovers

Who wander

In desert plains bringing rain

Like the rolling moss


Sense me bare

With lust and toil’s care

Light me spleen

Luster sheen

A repetition of thoughts

Litany’s prayers


Sixth me flare

Where shadows lead way

Light dies thin

Hurt follows

Second skins peel into day

Bright with future’s rub


Reading of the poem: 


skins mirror co uk

A few of the love songs that I have liked over the years and which translate several shades of love

Desire – Rumi poem interpreted by Deepak Chopra and Demi Moore

Veer Zara Do pal ruka Full song with English subtitles

Wael Kfoury – Hekm el alb with English Lyrics

Ci vorrebbe il mare – Marco Masini

Baby Can I hold you … Tracy Chapman

Ya Dali Ya Ro7i By Wael Kfoury English Translation

Main Yahaan Hoon Veer Zaara with English subtitles

Lara Fabian – Caruso

44 thoughts on “Second skins peel into day

  1. Wow! This is amazingly beautifully incredibly wonderfully written. So many layers just as you speak of. The pictures are wild. I keep reading it over and over and absorbing it a little more each time. I also love the second video Veer Sara Do pal ruka, so bittersweetly romantic! I must go back and read again…:-)

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    • Thank you so much Deb. I am glad you liked this and as a full experience. I too love the hindi videos, they come from a very beautiful movie called Veer Zaara which speaks about an inter-religious love that lasts over time.


  2. the rise and all of love ending with the shedding of the skin so one can love again…or the growth of a relationship which may witness much shedding over the years…sewn with light and dark emotions, your words take me on a journey through mind, body and soul where all the senses are stimulated… beautiful poetry accompanied, as usual, with aptly chosen image and clips…

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    • Thank you Thomas. Yours, Dajena’s and Tosha’s comments are what I really like reading among a few others because of their depth and insight. It could be either way of what you interpret. There are many layers to one’s skin and soul 🙂

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  3. Dear Geetha – I am in love with your post…The video clip of Wael Kfoury has such deep meaning and words. Wow…The second clip of Wael Hekm ellb and his voice makes me tell you the same words to you.


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  4. Your writing is synonymous to Lord Krishna’s thoughts in Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2, Verse 22. It speaks on a similar aspect, but with regards to the body shedding its soul!
    The photos you used here are gothic yet apt here! 😄
    Nice post. Loved to stumble by here!

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    • Thank you, that is quite an inspiring comment. Perhaps because my father used to talk to us about the Mahabaratha, the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita (parts of which I read) I might have somehow picked it up within my writing. We always tend to pick up on and blend thoughts from elsewhere. With millenary thoughts and writings preceding us it would be quite hard to be fully original but I love the reference, especially that my name is Geetha:)
      Thanks for passing by to read and appreciate and thank you for your thoughtful comments 🙂

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  5. I feel like each peel carries a story, an emotion, an identity that the speaker is distancing from themselves. So much love, mixed in pain that flares up right where the scares are.
    I liked the songs you had collaged here, and definitely will return to listen to all. Good taste I must say 😀
    hugs, and much love. me going to sleep.. thank you for being here!

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    • Your insight always amazes me, very well interpreted. We shed loves and stories as we walk through life and as I mentioned before it is a time for letting go 🙂
      I like the songs too and they speak to me on many levels because of my background and the places I have been both literally and figuratively. I am glad you like them and find them of good taste 😀
      Much love and hugs to you too and may skittles shine on your sleep. Thank you too for being here 🙂

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      • I’m almost embarrassed to say this but your work is way advanced for me😆 I hope that came out ok? I am amazed by your words. Still learning how to interpret. It’s something new for me. I have a longggggg way to go lol! I love reading your blog! Thank you so much for the follow😘

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you Lisa but there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I really liked what I read from you and am looking forward to reading more. I just have little time so usually do not read through the archives of the blogs I follow but concentrate on the upcoming. One day when I have enough time I will visit all the archives one by one 🙂
          Thank you for reading and appreciating. I am grateful for your kind words

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          • Thank you so much😢 That means a lot coming from you. I admire your words so much. I’m so excited to meet such talented people such as yourself. This experience so far is AWESOME! I need all of the help I can get, lol only serious😉 Please feel free to give me any feedback you think I need👌🏼 I can’t wait to get to know you even more💋

            Liked by 1 person

            • Thank you, you’re too kind and thankfully I never get big-headed or pig-headed with praise 😀
              I am glad that you are finding the experience awesome as I did. It is liberating to write and one should write with heart. The only feedback I could ever give you is to always let your writing flow. This blogging world is wonderful because beyond the literary interactions we actually get to know the human beings behind and that is full food for the soul. Happy blogging. As I take on a new role shortly I will be mainly reading weekly but I will be definitely reading all those I follow (from my email weekly digest). I will still go around daily on the blogs as long as I have time to do so. I hope to be reading more of your work soon. Meanwhile keep writing and enjoying 🙂


              • Naw, it’s true. That is probably why I don’t mind praising you.(I knew that, lol) Yes, it is very liberating~ That is all I do is bleed my heart out. OK, Will do. This is the best place EVER! OMG, I know right? Love it. Thank you so much. I want to eat all of the time!!! That’s great and thank you for your kindness with me 🙂 I will as much as humanly possible. Take care and keep in touch my friend~MOOOAH!

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