Seeing you through I

Seeing you through I

3 November 2015

seeing sophro-analyse pro



When did it begin?

I have no thread to follow

Beginning is end


The mountains are rich

With treasures of Beloved

Icicles are grapes


I who did not drink

Walk dazed in drunken stupor

From heavenly scents


You are everywhere

Earth pulses with your Heartbeats

That call out to skies


You are all sweetness

A slithering snake’s venom

Becomes bees’ honey


For every question

You gave all answers before

Universal One


Seeing You through I

I saw myself in your Light

Your Kingdom become

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4 thoughts on “Seeing you through I

  1. It’s just full of inspirational, thought-provoking, uplifting and reassuring pieces for all of life’s ups and downs. Lots of verses that may be helpful to many of you in all kinds of situations.

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    • Thank you Mihran. I am glad my poetry speaks to you and brings you solace 🙂
      Stay inspired by so many people to compose, play and sing many more beautiful pièces. They in turn bring solace to so many others as your music is beautiful. Love always to you and yours.


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