Time to let you go

Time to let you go

13 December 2015


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Embers’ trail

Dull feeling of fire

The core numb

The limbs frail

From unreal I beg a crumb

Dreaded woods to stoke


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Ghostly trace

Whispers of your face


Slow fading

Your traits linings of dark clouds

Please summon the rain


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The mind’s dread

Winding memory

Music box

Crimson scars

You twinkle now in the stars

Your song in my head


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Memory’s lane

Walking on stray glass

Shredded feet

Eyelids’ flood

Your heartbeat alive in pain

Coursing through my blood


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Heartbreak’s ebb

Time to let you go

Heartbreak’s flow

Heartache’s peak

Panic striking me so weak

The thought of goodbyes


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It’s not goodbye – Laura Pausini

23 thoughts on “Time to let you go

  1. I struggled to read it all in one go. Not because I don’t like it but because it struck a chord. Perfection. You’ve said what many others feel. Somewhat raw for me. However, I continue to love your work and you continue to provide wonder, enchantment and magic into my day.

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    • I believe it will be raw for many but it is truly a Time for letting go. Thank you Annie as always for your beautiful perceptive and sensitive human spirit.
      On a different note, I’ve nominated you for the dragon loyalty award. For some reason you too make me think of that mythical creature 🙂 so I hope to be able to read soon 7 interesting facts about you. Keep well Annie. Letting go is also rebuilding not just losing a part of yourself

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  2. Letting go is so painful…and then comes the alone – time with our own thoughts. Such a very heartbreaking and damaging time for me during grief with only our thoughts to talk to. Love this, Geetha.

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    • Very true Eric but it does not have to be only our thoughts. Am glad you love it. I find letting go is a process that does not happen all at once whatever we are letting go, dreams, hopes, parts of ourselves when we have to or people we love. It happens in stages with our hearts and minds going through different emotions and their hues as we let go. In fact it is healthy not to let go all at once but slowly, letting the space for each emotion to express itself before all are spent and we are truly ready to move on. We just need to learn to let the emotions happen without being too submerged or overwhelmed by them to a point where we could lose ourselves fully. At least it has worked well for me to grieve in that way, whatever it was that I was grieving for. Keep well Eric. May any grieving times always be light on your heart and soul my friend

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  3. Goodbyes are never definite.. Especially when it’s a love! That stays imprinted on your soul! Forever guiding and felt.. A beautifully constructed poem Geetha! Flows indeed.. 😉

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