Deeper shades of Blues

Deeper shades of Blues

4 December 2015


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The outer world fades

Spinning into soft whispers

Mind into new hues


All the Earth in me

Crumbling into desert sands

Disappearing clues


Voices pale mirrors

Of forgotten faces’ names

The past paid its dues


Unfamiliar scents

Dilation of inner ways

Roads turned avenues


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Words piles of wayward bells’ chimes

Summoning Dark calls


The Undead rises

From the gates of Netherworld

Another bell tolls


Sweet cinnamon’s taste

Breath fragrant over rotting

Pestilence’s frame


Chaos brought upon

Winding steep pathways through sands

Message sorrow’s flame


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A kiss from shadows

Queen of bees for King of flies

Requiem’s dance shoes


Beating at Temples

Upper levels’ near disgrace

Downtrodden the views


Burning embers speak

Cherished secrets woven lies

Ages of misuse


Rising from ashes

Lavender in oceans spun

Deeper shades of Blues



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Two steps from Hell – False King

Two steps from Hell – White Witch

Legend – Dancing dress scene – Tangerine Dream

Two steps from Hell – Sons of War

Two steps from Hell – Ghost Brigades


9 thoughts on “Deeper shades of Blues

  1. Love the imagery in this piece…the fading of the outer world while the inner world crumbles to sand – beautiful…those dead faces and memories from our past resurrected and put to rest again as we rise from those ashes to find another day wrapped in blue… great work, my friend 🙂

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  2. Dear one …Geetha this poem so glorious with ” requiem’s dance shoes ” into the blue of beauty …I just had to respond before even watching the videos ….they will be my meditation this rainy morning and so I go with a heart of gratitude for you ….love , megxxx

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    • Thank you Eric. I love them too, they are a blend of many types of musics that I like including operatic, rock and lyrical chants. I guess you know of Thomas Bergersen as well then. Am glad you enjoyed this. Best wishes to you too dear friend and to your loved ones 🙂


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