29 July 2016


blue angelslightworldwide com myangelas-she-dreams-by-mariska


Night-bred haunt

Lurking in passage

To nowhere

The ship sails

Passengers in vests no tails

Shortened evenings


The bell rings

Reminder of call

To children

Huddled small

Inside my bosom’s stairs flight

Beseeching the light


Pass through me

I am needle’s eye


With keen sight

All without now stark blindness

Only morrows’ fight



An art of living

The words dark

The craft deaf

Resonance but lonely theft

Forming the letters


Breath fetters

When guided by voice

Sunken deep

Into heap

Of sporadic movements sly

Catcher of the rye


Taste heavy

Laden with the guilt



To hate people but love things

Dissolute matter


Reading of the poem: 

butterfly pageresource com fairy-angel_210270

Yonderhead – Thomas Feiner

All that Numbs You – Thomas Feiner

Dinah and the Beautiful Blue – Thomas Feiner and Anywhen

8 thoughts on “Egregious

    • It is truly as is fear and both are related. I have had exchanges both in real life and online with people who thrive only with what they get out of life in terms of material things and they are incapable of extending that awe and happiness to what they get out of their interactions with people. We are complex beings so summarising things is not a good thing but I have known a lot of women for example who are happy to marry a man simply for what he owns without regard to the emotional fulfillment he could bring them. Likewise for some men in other cultures than in the Middle East. In the end, such unions end up with the person hating the other and slowly hating every person around them but still loving the comfort of a plush home or a Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag, etc. It is sad but very real and I have seen really so many people in this case.


      • I am in awe as i read such a deep reflection and insights from..thank you for sharing it with me..i am hoping still though that women will be able to find their worth rather than just being marrried to a a particular man….women are powerful and independent human beings which if given the chance they are bound to reach full potentials thus becoming worthy of emulatio ..

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        • Well it is all up to women themselves to give themselves that chance. We are to a large extent our choices. Even when things happen to us and we think we did not have a choice and are victims of external events, we still have a choice, if only in how to react about what happened.

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