Your presence in your absence

Your presence in your absence

5 August 2015

Courtesy pixabay com
Courtesy pixabay com

Words unwound silence

Of stilled memories of you

Waking past gashes


Wrists palpitating

Surge with oncoming onslaught

As your shadow reigns


Vibrating, blinding

Your presence in your absence

Distills blood in veins


Thickening streams slow

Down go oxygen levels

As air rarefies


Energy surges

Electricity grills all

Resistance in me

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4 thoughts on “Your presence in your absence

  1. As I said some are poems that I had sung after composing a tune for them myself. I did sing one or two actual songs but I had a very bad mike and a friend told me I would need to have a special mike not the laptop mike so I dropped the singing part 🙂

    Poems sung are :
    Colour Blue –
    The Gift of You –
    From Earthen Sky –

    Songs are:
    Mon amie la rose –
    Din guzar gaya aitbaar main –

    By the way, the hesitation is due to the fact that I was composing the melody as I was registering the song. In some cases I had to stop the recording because I had to think of how to continue the melody 😀


  2. We leave echoes in the lives we touch along our way … not all of these echoes reverberate with the best energies; while some will echo radiant joy for a long time. The first picture in this post … the woman’s face, blended with tree branches, I think is a really nice picture. Did you make this yourself, by any chance?

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    • Very true and insightful as usual Stormwise 🙂
      I wish it were and though I have dabbled with photoshop in the past I find so many more images by far more talented people thanks to google


      • Insightful isn’t really the word for it – more like simply inspired by your writing and ability to connect the dots in poetic fashion 🙂 And I’m not so ready to believe that your own graphical talent is lacking … you might not have that much training or experience with the software; but I’d bet you’ve plenty of talent, especially if the rest of your creative output is any sign! Speaking of which, I’m still waiting for that E-mail with the link … I’ve listened / watched the clips where you are speaking (and I definitely have formed some opinions); but am still waiting to hear your singing voice 🙂

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