A thousand answers

A thousand answers

25 September 2020


The question mattered

unanswered it dug away

into my mind’s eye


Port to port I roamed

a deeply drunken sailor

veiled knowledge my quest


The ship sailed onwards

a ghostly trace of itself

against moonlit skies


Cells resonated

reverberating thunder

Lightning struck in soul


New realms unfolding

in the space within my heart

rose up to the helm


A thousand answers

spilled into my yearning mind

tracing shining lines


Reading of the poem:

Hammock – Circular As Our Way (Silencia)

4 thoughts on “A thousand answers

  1. We are all seeking souls but only a few of us realise, so beautifully described and recited by you Geetha. For me it’s always been a question if we are the Captain’s of our own endeavours or no matter what we do, we always are moved on by whatever main undercurrent prevailing, whether Covid, Brexit or

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    • Thank you Jann. I believe we are meant to become the Captains of our own endeavours as you say. It is not so much what happens to us that matters but how we steer through what happens and emerge out of it just with the wisdom it grants us.

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