23 December 2015

fly themedicineowl com



Flowing Heart

Juice me Tender

Quiet reckonings

Happiness etched in sand

Blowing winds will spare nothing

All memories scattered in the storms

Between shelters of fortune and drought

Life’s tempests rise often, subside sometimes

Open Heart is shield of those speaking rhymes

Winging Hearts to those who’ve been about

Of strangest tides of life their norms

From void’s cliffs to everything

Of higher much demand

The blue soul’s longings

Sweet surrender

Soul in Art



fly danceforallpeople com

Virgin Black – Our wings are burning

8 thoughts on “Fly!

    • Thank you dearest Meg. Welcome and thank you for yours. I am glad for whatever good that transpired between us. Life itself is a blessing . Merry Christmas to you as well and to your loved ones. Much love. Geetha

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    • Thank you Eric. It is a beautiful form to work with. I just discovered it today, through Shiva (theshivasponder.wordpress.con) and really liked it so I tried it 🙂


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