Redress of Human

Redress of Human

8 March 2017

Redress youtube com - Copy



Relieves the offals

Acting out


The greatest comedy made

Unintended shade


They play grounds

Of staged inventions

Oscar to knave

Eyesight gave

On cowardly acting brave

For mind frame to pave


Changing Times

Caution to spaces

Between Core

And places

Where I teach my Self lessons

Redress of Human



Reading of the poem: 

redress pinterest com (2)

Virus – Björk

Vertebrae By Vertebrae – Björk

Triumph of a Heart – Björk

6 thoughts on “Redress of Human

  1. Ah the Great Pretender to the Throne! Methinks the Emperor has no clothes!! Excellent poetic verse!!

    That Bjork video had me cracking up with laughter. Even though my cat Sylvester sleeps with me in bed he does not wear clothes nor has he learned to drive. Actually if he did drive then he could pick me up from my job after work!

    Love the Alice in Wonderland moment when the cat grows to her size. Not sure that I’d want Sylvester to get that big but it might be a good thing to keep the local village idiots, kooks, crackpots as well as both 2 and 4 legged rats at bay!! Do you think somebody slipped something into her drink???

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