How far your heart from mine

How far your heart

July 14 and 15, 2010

 Yes, my lover’s heart has turned cold

A heart that I thought made of gold

Yet its stories remain untold

For his freedom and love he sold

How sad that your heart’s far from mine

Instead of love, peace, only wine

Oblivious you sit there and dine

Flawless, an image so pristine

Lies in which you choose to wallow

Fishing for a death to borrow

Forget pain, forget the sorrow

Let’s write in two a new morrow

Your love came to me like a song

My blood runs thick, forever strong

Trying, you could do me no wrong

Plight to us will never belong

Love tells me of a bond so tight

Not mere words, not lust, nor delight

Something beyond, a ray of light

Tearing the darkness of our night

While my life oozed, wilted away

Love has knocked, entered, wants to stay

Silently, hands clasped again I shall pray

That it will want, that it just may

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