Les danses solennelles insipides à plaire / The solemn dances insipid to please

Les danses solennelles insipides à plaire

(English translation below)

12 février 2016

danse Hans Holbein pinterest com
Courtesy Hans Holbein on pinterest.com


Mémoire de pâleur visiter Honfleur

Définir sous vide de loi de cœur pris

Dormir sous l’égide d’un esprit farceur

Inaltérable fleur démise en survie


Un soupçon de leurre attiser clameur

Etouffer le guide de mes folles envies

Enlacer les rides surprendre douleur

Faire de spleen tuteur éteindre chaleur


Il n’est point de sœur à l’âme qui s’élève

De sueurs mortelles naît abécédaire

Frapper pour des heures sur i qui se lève


Rengaines éternelles oublis suicidaires

Raconter le cœur et vivre comme je crève

Les danses solennelles insipides à plaire


Lecture du poème: 

dance Madeline Von Foerster the promise deathroq12 blogspot com
Courtesy Madeline Von Foerster on deathroq12.blogspot.com


Rough translation into a sonnet in English


The solemn dances insipid to please

February 12, 2016

dance ganimede deviantart cm
Courtesy ganimede on deviantart.com


Memory’s pallor visiting Honfleur

Defining under vacuum of law of heart taken

Sleeping under the aegis of a prankster spirit

Unalterable flower dislocated survival


A hint of misguiding to stir outcry

Smothering guide of my wildest desires

Hugging wrinkles and surprising pain

Making spleen a tutor and dowsing warmth


There is no sister to the soul that rises

From deadly sweats definitions are born

Hitting for hours on the i that rises


Eternal tunes suicidal forgetfulness

Speaking the heart and living the way I die

The solemn dances insipid to please


Reading of the poem: 

dance artslant com
Courtesy artslant.com

Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre

29 thoughts on “Les danses solennelles insipides à plaire / The solemn dances insipid to please

  1. A beautifully written piece, Geetha. I love the image conjured by dislocated survival and of course the apparent dance with death.


    • Thank you so much. I am glad there are some French speakers who also follow the blog. I’ve noticed that mainly English speakers are following or at least it seems most people are from the US or the UK.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Geeta I am always blown away by your talent!
    Sorry I don’t get to cop meant much. A lot of the time I check my reader at lunch at school. And can like, but not spend time commenting.
    But Wow!
    And in bilingual form too!

    Liked by 1 person

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