Multiply me in love

Multiply me in love

25 January 2012


Multiply me in love

To the tune of tomorrow’s songs

To the mind that never belongs

To the unspoken hiss of sadness

To the fever of every madness

To the grass that banishes yellow

To the heart of a weeping willow

Multiply me in love

To the forever uncanny ending

To time’s unrelenting mending

To hope flickering, slight yet crisp

To the ailing and falling dark wisp

To the stillness of the entrance

To the emptiness of all penance

Multiply me in love

To a time stored tight in yesteryear

To the end of this bottomless fear

To the hidden realms of forgiveness

To restored familiar wilderness

To a story whispered in a charm

To the remorseless bite of harm

Multiply me in love

For as the flowers in a garden bloom

Unbeknownst to beckoning gloom

In the frenzy of meaningless acts

Of bodily though unearthly facts

In the blindness of a lover’s gaze

Raising a glass to destiny’s haze

I eat I

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