The sound of burning cellos

The sound of burning cellos

14 January 2016

Woman with violin in dark room

There are lies

Carved in cider’s sweet

I drink them

Wasps’ honey

Bittersweet mind’s inventions

Parched throat cries in thirst


We believe

Hope a block of tar

Feathers white

The glue blue

Shadows slinking out of town

As the laugh peals shrill


There are dreams

Deconstructed stark

In moonlight


Cynicism a way of life

Tongues sharper than knives


There is truth

Hidden in disgrace

Squandered light

Death of swans

Don Quichotte young Juan

While flames await high


There is mind


Logic stained

Fire-struck bleak

Winding its way through boxes

Moving is habit


There is heart

Between moon and sun

Dragons beat

Death and stars

Sixteen to nine inches splashed

In your face lurching


There is past

Lurking in the light

Blind pathways

Hidden stairs

Rungs of clues leading nowhere

Where angels exhale


There is now


Tight flashbacks

Threaded pins

Holding seams that disappear

When bodies dilate


There will be

Tomorrow’s ventures

Green valleys

Sunshine’s kiss

The sound of burning cellos

Flying through my spine


Reading of the poem: 

cello ebassist com


Desolation – Adam Hurst

Death Waltz – Adam Hurst

Seven Veils – Adam Hurst

Wake – Adam Hurst

49 thoughts on “The sound of burning cellos

  1. In life, we get contaminated at times with thoughts that will continue to pester us, haunt us until memories themselves dissolve into shapeless and morphed dreams. One day, it will get better.
    Loved it Geetha. Rich and beautiful, just like I like it best!

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    • Thank you Dajena. We have to let go the past. For me writing is the best way of letting go. If you met me in real life you would not believe that I am writing like this because I just seem like a happy go lucky person but that is because I was originally a very very cheerful person before life crossed my path so to speak. I have grown a lot and not always the easy way so that translates into my writing. The cheerful person still is there but now it is not just a yellow canvas of sunshine, there are more colours to the artwork, predominantly blue in the writing though 😀

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  2. I was immediately drawn by the title. The cello is the closest to the human voice, that is why it is able to move us through the gamut of emotional states.just as your words do. I love the images and the music as well. We let so many things affect our todays and tomorrows when really we simply need to let them go so that we can have those sunshine kisses…I really love how you left Wake for the final video, just as you ended your poem with a little hope as I instantly thought about the wake of a dead one, in this case perhaps, the past…brilliant, as always, my friend 🙂

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    • Thank you Thomas. It is true that the cello is a very stirring instrument. I like the violin a lot too. Very true that we let too many things affect us but it is a time for letting go now – until the end of the month 🙂
      I chose the sequence of the videos with intention. Glad you grasped that. Most of the poems I share are meant to be read with one or the other videos playing in the background. Thanks as always for your deep, insightful comments my friend 🙂

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      • You are welcome, Geetha. I can play the cello, though I do not own one, and I play the violin – it has become one of my favourites to play. Yes, letting go is never a bad thing 🙂

        I know you do nothing by chance and that everything you write and select is done so with a purpose. It’s one of the things I love about your artistry.

        You are always welcome, my friend 🙂

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        • I hope you upload one day something you have played on the violin. It is a really beautiful instrument. I was very lucky one day to host an event for charity where we had an extremely talented violonist and a wonderful human being called Matteo Fedeli play a 300 year old Stradivari for our Annual concert for a cause. I had watched him and his pianist friend rehearse and then heard and saw them on stage. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The stringed instruments are in general magical for me but mostly the violin and the cello 🙂

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    • Oh no you shouldn’t have changed your mind. You can still change it back. A poem unwritten is an opportunity lost for yourself and others to revel in a different kind of world. Thank you so much for your compliments

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