Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

7 February 2016

springcleaning igreeny deviantart com
Courtesy igreeny on deviantart.com


Life condemns

The flailing fledglings

Cast on limb

Broken souls

Searching for key in other

Inside dwell answers



Of partners flurry

One night stands

Hurried love

Immersion in dark dwellings

Caves for the half-baked


Truths simmer

Under the fleeced skin

Wincing taut

Stand at ease

There is light in the shadows

Not all courts martial



A haunting thought creeps

Diving deep

Into hides

My skin seeks more than the touch

Invading senses


springcleaning lohdro deviantart com
Courtesy lohdro on deviantart.com


Senseless games

Playing one’s own mind

Losing fast

Hand in sling

All the doubts that they will bring

These pawns that we move



One hand claps never

Alone pale

Barely snap

Fingers attempting some joy

Whistle stuck in throat


When to learn

Perhaps when skin peels

Efforts lost

Clapping hard

Against chest flanks jagged ribs

Some hands claps sever


I aim soft

At moving targets


Breach of trust

The steely will now does rust

Red the waste matter


springcleaning nameisavailable deviantart com
Courtesy nameisavailable on deviantart.com



Colours of a beak

Glory’s peak

Word to speak

Iridescent mouth hardened

By years of trials


The wise ones

They arm with patience

The waiting


Going through the kernel’s path

The way to the self


You can clean

Arches of doorways

Rid cobwebs

Of spiders

The room’s content lost treasures

Other lifetimes’ hunt


Spring cleaning

Relentless forte

I wear it

Bright motto

Speleologist grotto

My search sane and blunt


Reading of the poem: 

springcleaning lhianne deviantart com
Courtesy lhianne on deviantart.com


Seafret – Atlantis

Seafret – Oceans

Seafret feat Rosie Carney – To the Sea

Seafret – Give me something

Seafret – Wildfire

32 thoughts on “Spring cleaning

  1. When we Spring clean, there is no room for being soft. I love the image of the skin wanting more than touch to stimulate the senses. It is true that we need patience and depth of understanding. The soul requires it in order for the body to be completely satisfied. Beautiful, as always, my friend.

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    • Thank you Thomas. Too many people go for only satisfaction of the senses. Personally I find it meaningless if there is no soulful connection. In my line of work, I’ve known extremely wealthy individuals who had what our industry called “plants” as wives or mistresses. They were supposed to be beautiful, please and keep quiet, without any expression of wit, independent thought or anything akin to actual expression of the soul. I found the contrast between their beautiful faces and their cold eyes and demeanour particularly chilling. I don’t judge the necessity to be in that sort of a position but I find it extremely sad to have to be in that place

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  2. “My skin seeks more than the touch
    Invading senses”
    There’s constant battle within us, sometimes it’s apparent, other times it’s shielded. We must open ourselves inward to realize it in it’s entirety consciously. Beautiful read!

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  3. Don’t we all need some of it? I always cling to the idea that truth will set us free. And at the same time, those that matter won’t mind, and those that mind won’t matter. 🙂

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  4. Nice one Geetha. First verse explains so nicely that Truth is within but we seek it outside always. But didn’t understand last lines of 3rd not all courts martial” and 6th “whistle stuck in throat” Am sure must be a deeper meaning, I just didn’t get it. Best wishes 🙂

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    • Thanks Kamal, yes the truth is within and has to be found there although outside you might find some clues. “Not all courts martial” is a reference to the military proceedings which are known most often to be more difficult for the accused than other courts usually and there is at the same time the soldier reference in “Stand at ease” because often some people are too hard on themselves and try to suppress all the parts of them that they think negative instead of embracing who they are, both in light and dark also knowing that sometimes what we see as dark can contain light (light in the shaodws). I hope the stanza and its verses come together now for you with some of their meanings.
      As for whistle stuck in throat, it refers to when someone is trying to act carefree, like they are not bothered by what is going on the inside and don’t need anybody else and don’t care, well it is not so simple because one hand alone does not clap and even if you pretend that you don’t care, it never lasts long, the pretence. Best wishes to you too

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