Wet grass tickled feet

Wet grass tickled feet

30 October 2020

 Children of morrows;
 their cries ringing everywhere
 soaking Earth purple
 Foggy landscapes met
 teary eye saturated
 with pains of fledglings
 Stormy weather formed
 flower of life in my chest 
 that drenched my heart red
 Pouring rain renewed
 hope in another Earth’s rise
 The bud of my thoughts
 Petals bloomed in mind
 blossoms of tomorrow’s world
 that dewy drops spelt
 Misty skies breathed soft
 whispers of promises kept
 Wet grass tickled feet 



Reading of my poem:

Whirling Dervish – Mevlevi Sema Ceremony

Written in the context of Ronovan writes weekly Haiku challenge using the words “Wet”, “Bloom” and their synonyms. For rules and other poetic contributions, follow the link here https://ronovanwrites.com/2020/10/26/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-329-bloom-wet/

Life’s everlasting flower

Life’s everlasting flower

23 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Inside me

The memories spill

They spell slow


Of words gathered in neat stacks

Unfolding in racks


The soothing

Blindness that covers

What I read

Once in time

Now concealed the very rhyme

Of breath that hovers


Outside me

Circles concentric

They twine low

Into skill

Life’s everlasting flower

Intricate power


Reading of the poem:

Alone with the Alone (verses by Ibn’ Arabi)  – Henry Corbin