Under cherry blossom trees

Under cherry blossom trees

3 March 2016

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Courtesy s400photobucket.com


You kissed me

Rain kissing red rose


Ornate touch

Petals that dewdrops dispose

Carpet of longing



I liquefied Heart

Gave you blood

From blue veins

Surrendered my very reigns

Captive mare bridled


In shadows

You redesigned me

A kingdom

Blue suns maze

Where our souls walked in a haze

Answering riddles


The griffin

She asks many boons

I gift soul

And ashes

Of this body as it swoons

Into flying fires


cherry astrogle com
Courtesy astrogle.com


Heart captured

Its shade remained blue

While the grey

Crumbling wisps

Entered the pyramid’s fray

Where prays he who lisps


Blue remnants

Tugged at falling ash

Soul feathered

In grey tar

Resisting unearthly war

Heartbeats untethered


I fly free

Forgotten the ache

Mind alive

Spins stories

Distance into itself fades

Creaking winds whisper


Of Love’s lands

Of togetherness

I weave lake


Above the hot golden sands

That shelter my frame


cherry 4harmony eu
Courtesy 4harmony.eu


In this space

We find but one soul

Third pillar

Standing tall

In my heart lies room for all

Flowers without name


Red on blue

Gyrating atoms

Second suns

They glow stark

Ignition the holy spark

Love fed momentums


I am yours

Like you are mine too

We may paint

It can faint

There can be only one hue

Purple our future


Morrows bright

They shine in Venus

She bows head

To Earth dead

Under cherry blossom trees

As we pick up light


Reading of the poem: 

Cherry pinterest com
Courtesy pinterest.com

Koop Island Blues – Koop

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Summer sun – Koop

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