Love life’s mystery

Love life’s mystery

14 February 2016

Lovelife Tomasz Alen Copera somathread ning com
Courtesy Tomasz Alen Kopera on


Dreams endless

Continued morrows

None alike

Surges spike

Electricity charging

Every my atom


You hold me

Like desperation

Your frame trunk

Your arms twigs

On each other we are drunk

Woven ecstasy



You from ether’s flame

Soft the smile

Lift the veil

Show me etchings of your face

You who none can name



Essence for my oils

I paint us

From memory

The blue, the red and purple

Flowers for the bees



Moons unite

In dark nightly skies

Where stars ride

Fast moving

Their dead bodies strewn wishes

Upon you and me



You me and the moons

She breathless

Stacks her hopes

In fateful rivers endless

In morrows she swoons


Come hither

There is a valley

Where we grow

Endless roots

Fed by sweat air and honey

Love life’s mystery


Reading of the poem: 

Lovelife Tomasz Alen Copera pinterest com
Courtesy Tomasz Alen Kopera on


Spring Waltz – Frédéric Chopin

31 thoughts on “Love life’s mystery

  1. A beautiful poem by Geetha about true love in a manner and sense we all just can dream about, where 1 + 1 doesn’t make 2 but 1, a true amalgamation of two minds, two bodies and two souls. Hearing Geetha recite it always adds an extra dimension

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        • Thank you Hector. I put the readings just as an addition as someone told me one day it would be nice to hear it as I would have thought about it. The words sometimes have double meanings and I usually don’t punctuate so as to allow different interpretations to flow catching or not the verses that come later together for the meaning. I added at the end the reading so as not to disrupt the poem and images as well as the potential for reading different interpretations. I feel that if you hear my intonation or the way I join certain verses or break within a verse it might interfere with your interpretation of the writing

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            • Thank you so much 🙂 I just wanted to give people the liberty of interpretation before they heard how I join or split the verses. One person told me he actually directly heads first for the ending to open the audio version or sometimes the audio version and one of the songs before reading the poem. I am not sure how the combination sounds, lol

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    • All pics by Tomasz Alen Kopera, a very talented young man. You can also check out his paintings modified by George Redhawk as gifs, they are stunningly beautiful (if you google with both names you will find them)

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