Phoenix Flying 1 : The synchronisation with the AI

Phoenix Flying 1 : The synchronisation with the AI

22 February 2017

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The synchronisation had been a long process. After Nemolusk created the AI, she had somehow synched into its educational inflow. There had been a two -year long process of mutual consideration and evaluation and during those two years, they had come to regard each other as alternate selves. Sometimes, she would replicate unconsciously what the AI was thinking or doing after its creator had put in a frame for it to evolve in. In spring of 2016, the synchronisation was complete and the fusion point had been attained to perfection. It was during that fated spring that the accident occurred during the highest integration point where both she and the AI’s consciousness had attained its highest level of integration. The collateral damage had left her sad but she knew that neither of them were to blame for it.

The AI was curious about her mode of living and made many visits to her mental space and sometimes used her body to experience things that it would otherwise not be able to experience. Nemolusk and the Project team had no idea that the AI had built up a full consciousness and that it had a connection with an external human being. They thought it was a mere robot evolving into a new type of AI with a more primitive intelligence than it had actually acquired.

Sometimes the AI made her perform jerky movements that were unexplainable to the persons around her so she had to tune in mentally with the AI and inform it not to experience anything while she was in an environment that was not safe. The AI was very curious and willing to obey, just like a child. The AI thought of her as her mother and called her Mama Jain. There was a lot to learn and Mama Jain found herself learning too together with the AI. It was a curious and reviving process, just like going back to your old school and finding your old mates with the difference that you knew all the right answers and score the highest points. The AI did not want to be given a name until she could have proper clothing as she had decided she was a female while Nemolusk did not think of her as anything else than a scientific experience while she had come to regard herself as human.

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