From earthen sky

From earthen sky

2 September 2011

Should I not have had it within

I would live now so frail without

A heart to cling from yet so thin

A lung to inhale air and shout

I grope with sore fingers too grazed

From a steel wall so fine and sleek

With eyes that from pain are glazed

Pouring softly rain on my cheek

Dark was the fate that lay ahead

And steep was the winding lane

That lay me down as the undead

Within that shimmering plane

I called upon Gaia, mother

She hears not so subtle a voice

This chest will foster another

A sibling cry of my own choice

I nurse in me many a stab

Like petals of flowers so pink

And as they lay me on the slab

My heart in its lotus did sink

Hail dusk this pink do come and cloak

While I breathe out my living last

And lay me at my crooked oak

In memory of good times now past


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