Broken memories my staff

Broken memories my staff

7 December 2015


shadow flickr com



I walk in yonder valleys of shadow and doubt

I never really knew what life was all about

Though my lips I puckered, have learnt to purse and pout

And sing unrestrained to the tune of Schubert’s Trout



For I now embark lonesome on life’s last ferry

Looking I know, all around, within, seems dreary

I force laugh, conjuring up moments so merry

Face freezes, I realize my heart’s too weary



Through fading and withered faces I walk alone

Through the shadows and the pleasures that once had shone

Bright light, right unto my eyes, brought my lips a moan

Alas, it is all gone now, is my heart of stone?



I walk and I walk, I walk an endless journey

Through unrelenting ashen faces once creamy

Towards a dull future for which I hold no key

Sluggish and haggard steps mistaken for dreamy



shadows imgarcade com


I walk through morrows

Broken memories my staff

In lone shadowland


walking drhug or




Spente le Stelle – Emma Shapplin

Memories – Within Temptation



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15 thoughts on “Broken memories my staff

  1. Wow. I have been reading you for a while as you know, but this? This got under my skin for some reason. Well, actually, I know the reason, and there’s more than a few. Regret can be a hard thing to live with. Beautiful write, Geetha.

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  2. Wow, thank you for using the form, but doing more with it than I did. Many people refuse to rhyme in poetry these days, not realizing how difficult it can be and not sound cliché. Very nice. Trout. 🙂 Awesome.

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  3. Ahh, you got me at Schubert 😀
    These verses sing on their own. Such a poetic presentation of things of the past. Your words give deep feelings to the meaning of a broken staff.

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