Dreamer’s drift

Dreamer’s drift

September and 23 December 2010


Dreamers will always dream

Drifters would rather drift

So again now it would seem

That a mind often goes adrift


Smoke blows all hurt away

It never goes or traces back

It would keep itself so grey

Rather than return to black


Of love that still fading trace

Strewn through a blue sky

Is not of her beautiful face

It’s of her sad and weak sigh


Clouds could be so lily white

Clouds could be night black

With a silvery forgiving light

I could now cut you some slack


Peace is no part of life’s bliss

Perched on your lonesome rock

You’d rather that display miss

To go following some dainty frock


Observing is cold and feels not

Being casual is of feeling wane

No love in you but mere thought

As your stiff aching neck you crane


And as for now being so serene

It is nothing else but a sad way

To allow for the dark blue spleen

your waning dying heart to decay


Drift not from my side so far away

O dreamer hark, please don’t drift

I beg you on my knees now to stay

But you’ve left me, off you go swift


To have and yearn so much to keep

The faults that are seething within us

Is just a proof of how we finally reap

Our dark soul’s unkindly little fuss


Yes when I think it, the true miracle

Is not what we in our bosoms hide

But it is about when at the pinnacle

How us and our souls right we guide


Surviving is a mere matter of instinct

I prefer living as a human being whole

I am no sad, hunted beast soon extinct

I live not and will never cower in a hole


Surely enough within us so deep inside

Is where as dream and truth it often lies

Riding as dreamers lone sorrow astride

Even all eternity for us from within it flies


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