Intrepid young squire with a clean-shaven chest

Intrepid young squire with a clean-shaven chest

(Translation of a poem written in Alexandrin and Occitan Sonnet form. Original here)

6 July 2016

flower David-Galstyan-06-www.ArtPerson.org_
Courtesy David Galstyan on


They talk about vigilante of bright strength oozed

Through pores filled with pain for a prerequisite death

Like thousands of knells from black tinted bells chiming

Make vibrate the darkness lying buried in church


To purify hearts of old resentments tainted

Tell me misfortune adjusting intervention

Of those hours that are ringing tired reunions

Buried in pallor of those choices of gray lives


I could have from passing made bright fire from all wood

Then pruned the shavings like some slender blades of grass

Thoughts that are churned well make good quality memories


As the course of streams washes out the sheaf of flowers

So when it comes does spring shine all efforts and grow

Intrepid young squire with a clean-shaven chest


Reading of the poem: 

flower David-Galstyan-Fly-5
Courtesy David Galstyan on

Jealous of the rain – Michael Nyman

Diary of Hate – Michael Nyman

Memorial – Michael Nyman

A la folie – Michael Nyman

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