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Hi everyone,

I have not been to your blogs lately because I have been quite busy with the publishing of two books. I would very much like it if you support the effort made in writing and collecting these items by buying either the paperback version or the kindle version. In the meantime I will try to catch up with your blogs and thank you in advance for your purchases if any.

My collected short stories is available amongst others on Amazon UK at USD 33 or GBP 24.60 at this link: .

The kindle version for USD 9.99 or GBP 7.41 is available at this link:


My second book of poetry (the first was in French), which regroups over 400 poems written in the Japanese styles Tanka, Haiku and Senryu, is available on Amazon at GBP 24.60 or USD 33 at this link : .

The kindle version for GBP 5.19 or USD 6.99 is also available. You can find it now in the UK at


Both books are available at several countries including the UK, India, Italy, the US amongst others and you just need to go to the relevant Amazon page. I hope you will enjoy these two collections and look forward to your comments.

13 thoughts on “Published books

  1. This is fantastic Geetha!! Hopefully I can pick up some copies of both soon, I’d look forward to supporting you in your endeavor to share your creativity & art with the world. Well done, my friend! 🙂 ღ

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