The nostalgia of your face

The nostalgia of your face

22 July 2015

woman rose rose_in_darkness_by_xaelle39-d3h6uw0
Rose in darkness by Xaelle 39 courtesy

Crimson drops fall soft

As withered rose slowly dives

Into realms unknown

Known, unknown, mysterious

Multiverse spells your past names

Stashes to ashes

Consumed and forgotten goods

Burnt in memory

Thoughts aflame purge all inside

A new dawn is born within

Winds blow on grey plains

Rich of scattered wealth’s remnants

All without lies bleak

Appearance, mind of the weak

Leaves, shun the dust-ridden veins

Moonlight colours blue

The ghostly sight of decay

Compact in red tape

Vermilion slowly scatters

The nostalgia of your face

red tape 3 picssr com

5 thoughts on “The nostalgia of your face

  1. I’m commenting here for not just this poem, but also your “With spirit I walk unscathed,” as the option to comment to that poem isn’t showing up in my browser (I even thought of trying to respond to that poem via E-mail, but couldn’t find an E-mail address in your blog). First, to this poem ….

    You have a talent for creating landscape imagery with your poetry, and this poem is no exception. What I like about this poem is that you extend this talent to create an inner landscape, as well. There is in this poem both raw feeling, and the bleak absence of feeling – both of which took turns reaching inside my mind as I read from one stanza to the next.

    This brings me the first tanka of yours that I wanted to comment to, “With spirit I walk unscathed.” Your approach to tanka poetry is brilliant – turning the poem into a series of tanka stanzas. This particular poem had me hooked with the first stanza … I am not only one of those who truly revels in the Autumn season, enjoying any imagery from it, I have gone so far as to create my own metaphor for the mind from it. I imagine and refer to my mind (and sometimes other domains) as a Grey Forest, all the falling leaves representing active thoughts, and the fallen leaves memories. With that in mind, when you speak of falling leaves making resounding thuds in the mind, I can’t help but take notice and simply admire your poetic handiwork 🙂

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    • Thank you. Each comment of yours is so insightful and interesting! I am not sure why you can’t comment on the spirit poem as it normally allows comments (will check it later on laptop). I think of leaves as a representation of our memories, feelings and instances of life that are attached to us and sometimes these may fall as a result of losing that emotion, menory or instance of life. Losing that can be good if it was a negative thought or emotion or it could be bad if it was a good one 😊


      • All things fade with time, as is the way of Nature, good or bad; but have an effect on what is yet to come. In this way, even what fades with time still remains. Like the Butterfly Effect, a leaf falls to the ground, and decays (a seemingly insignificant event); but then it eventually nourishes the ground and becomes food for the tree that waits to grow where it has fallen. Thus the fallen leaf is gone from memory, but becomes part of what comes next 🙂

        I am happy to know you have enjoyed my comments … I will happily return your compliments to you, your writing, and your own comments in my blog – I do not often spend so much time before my computer on a Saturday morning!

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          • Thank you for the movie suggestion, I may very well look into this. The sun is not so common in this part of the world (I live by the North Sea), and today is not an exception. The good news is, I look forward to and enjoy just about any kind of weather, especially storms 🙂

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