Can Earthly love heal?

Can Earthly love heal?

7 August 2015


Path to down under

Heaving with the keen longing

Of forgotten Grace


Listless I walk sole

Survivor of gushing wounds

That severed my soul


Walking in my trail

Your eyes follow my blithe frame

In dreams we unite


While I catch your gaze

Stillness turns turbulent flood

Lucid reverie


The warmth of your breath

Rekindles love’s memories

That stood still in time


The heat of your smile

Pierces through the icicles

That clung to my lids


The fire in your heart

Setting ablaze liquid soul

That dissolved in love


My fingers lay slight

Asking of the edge of you

Can Earthly love heal?


Love 4

One thought on “Can Earthly love heal?

  1. The earth has energies that are flooding our planet; it is the energy of Love. Through the beauty that is seen each day. The natural beauty all around. The more we all are aware of this and spiritually heal ourselves, the faster it will manifest on earth. This is extremely important. Having this awareness helps. Love that is felt throughout each and every one of us is spread to everyone else. This positive healing and loving energy is welcoming. This will create a place of beauty and serenity. The thought and awareness, if we all act, will spread like wildfire and prejudices and injustices will magically dissipate.

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