Morrows’ morning sun

Morrows’ morning sun

16 January 2015

rising sun

 The sun begot trail

Waking in yesterday’s path

It wove its way back

You and I like the sun walked

In memory’s winding lanes


Golden sun rises

Dispelling the dark of night

That tried to cling on

So too did memories cling

But we saw no same landscape


Sun soared pulling robes

Of a trembling day that shook

In the morning fog

Like clouds gathered in my head

I paused as you walked ahead


Climbing leaves reached out

Stretched towards sun’s kiss hopeful

Of new beginnings

Pulsating minds in morrow

Stood separate intertwined


Jasmine bloomed in pot

Its roots reached out to plastic

Oblivious of earth

Roots ripped I followed you not

And grew anew in concrete


Sun rising above

Sighed upon a new landscape

Where leaves blazed like hay

Throat parched with words unspoken

Echoed the transformation


Sun high up in sky

Cast no shadow towards west

All objects swelled round

In centre I expanded

Swallowing my own sun’s flames


Birds flew to no nests

For trees felled had sunk to piles

Fallen leaves rustled

Mind’s trees stood firmly apart

With roots sprouting in between


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