A walk on waters

A walk on waters

3 December 2015


rising pulsarmedia eu.jpg
Courtesy pulsarmedia.eu


Minds traces scented

Red roses blooming in thoughts

Whirlwinds of flowers


Blue skies float through me

Daisies and bluebells colours

Paint sun’s warmth in me


I dive into you

Explosion of red senses

You are everywhere


Purple stars twine me

Hazy red engulfs my frame

Amniotic Love


Shades of your presence

Crimson haunting through body

Pulsing vibrations


Silken ascension

Gliding through shimmering realms

Dividing waters


Twin leap through portals

The above meets the below

Synchronised flowing


Surging waterfalls

Swimming in between twin worlds

A bridge to elsewhere


Respite in brief touch

Shadowlands bluest tremors

Lost kingdoms’ crowning


Delicate jewels

Sunken ships of mind’s embers

A cave of treasures


Wings of vapours lift

Simmering coals bolster feet

The airborne ravens


A walk on waters

Weightlessness in destiny

Miracles in Heart


waters outofedenministries com
Courtesy  outofedenministries.com



Schiller feat Maya Saban – I miss you

16 thoughts on “A walk on waters

  1. Thinking in colours matching those of the word around us, scented with the fragrance of flowers strewn in your garden of words, create a perfect walkway from what is in the heart…what a perfect balance you have created, my friend…in your usual fashion, your poetry carves deep into the imagination, leaving your readers sighing like those whirlwinds… 🙂

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    • Thank you Thomas, what a wonderful compliment! I am glad you like it as this one was really very close to my heart. I actualy don’t just think in colours but also see people and things in colours or sometimes in music 😀 (my “craziness” has no end)
      For me the most prominent colours are for some reason those of the rainbow with a marked preference for blue (my nickname), red, purple and yellow with green and orange being lesser important choices. White and black for some reason don’t represent really colours for me but rather perceptions of the light between full light (white) and full shadows or absence of light (black).

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  2. Geetha, You always manage to work my favorite colors into your pieces. Red, Blue, Purple. I’m happy we enjoy the same shades.
    Beautiful work here, as always. Wishing you a good day!

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    • Well my nickname is Blue and opposites attract so I like red, also because it conveys life and red and blue together can give purple 🙂 Am glad you like it thanks. A good day to you too

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