Remembering to forget

Remembering to forget

9 December 2015

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Retracing my steps

Between yesterday and now

A vicious circle


Like crazed desert dog

Chasing its tail in frenzy

I re-enact slates


The breath wasted here

The lost moments of freedom

While logs turned ashen


The frozen winters

The frost I loved so deadly

White of Heart’s icings


forget modernfilipina ph


The sight of roses

All at once chilling and bright

Red drops from my palms


Desperate clutching

Waiting for fire to recede

Red is not colour


There was a garden

Now sunken in memory

Where bluebells stood tall


The winter then walked

Sprinkling in hidden pathways

Demons in daisies


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All colours turned stale

Thorns like nails in my bloodstream

Travelling to Heart


From bellies of fire

Tidal waves of bright gold struck

The forests simmered


Surrounded by flames

Screams of pain, hope’s pathways gone

Welcoming scorching


A clearing in lands

Where wild forests slow drifted

In birth of woodlands


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I cut through the woods

With new life in core and axe

Only shrubs survived


Says in tunes of Blues

He: You don’t know what love is

I: Perhaps I don’t


Searching hard in soul

I reckoned I’d lost the hues

I rubbed, rewrote slate


Crisp parting with fate

Remembering to forget

Woods and lost voices


forget notoverthehill

Chet Baker – You Don’t Know What Love Is

Chet Baker – Almost blue

Chet Baker – I get along without you very well

Chet Baker – Every Time We Say Goodbye

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