Hush baby pain slithers

Hush baby pain slithers

27 April 2011

Burnt timber lies rotting away

Under a scorching sun in play

For menestrels will have their way

While fools reasons plundered will lay

Despair is of grief but a voice

A tearful one that will heart seize

Come sorrow, flee time to rejoice

As pain slithers and heartbeats cease

Hush, voice not the pangs of the ache

That twists in your bosom a snake

A screeching like fingers that rake

Across boards with nails of heartache

Softly sadness wells up in room

Of happiness meant now to bloom

No reservations against gloom

Shake he who only masters doom

Hush baby for pain will slither

Don’t cry as you lie down hither

Hush baby all flowers wither

Hush darling don’t ever dither

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