Exchanging role, relinquishing control

4 November 2010

Alas I am now imprisoned in my mind

And it seems I cannot set myself free

For no reason I have to always remind

Myself of torment and with such glee

How to know when is the time to let go

How to know if blinded you cannot see

It is more difficult than you’d ever know

It would be for you, it is so hard for me

Some say it is a mere question of now

Some deprive you of access to eternity

Some crude, lewd fail to even see how

You cannot, now set free, be but felicity

I shake my head say this is mine plight

You cannot bear it, for it is mine to be

And on I would stay at it awake all night

Cloaked in renewed anguish and misery

Darkness had me many a thought grind

As my mind wandered from coast to sea

I never meant to turn and look behind

You were meant to disappear, a remedy

And through those nights I’d toil and row

As I tended and cared to them mine three

Alas you now smothered my trace in snow

Left me out in cold night wailing banshee

When the marriage is dissolved no vow

Does that dissolve for me my maternity?

I bore them in me then, despite our row

You cannot fail my right to love but see

I wither as he deprives me of their sight

My anguish is my only robe to the knee

I stumble may fall, I never learnt to fight

What was supposed to be one knit family

Reading of my poem on youtube


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