To blooming woman

To blooming woman

28 March 2016

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Twirling into world

Reborn blue

Stirred anew

Discover your inner shades

Walk between the blades


You are breath

Inscribed in divine

Beating heart

Birthing womb

Of all spate you are the tomb

Restless their questions


Hear the call

To blooming woman

Answer shine

Build the shrine

The Edge of Humanity

Achieving balance


Reading of the poem: 

flower wallpippo com

Waltz of the Roses – Eugen Doga

25 thoughts on “To blooming woman

  1. Loved it Geetha! Empowering and inspirational! I shared the last video with my daughter before she went to bed and she said: it is instructions for me how to dance flowers 😀

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  2. Beautiful, Geetha. The images of blossoming into the world and find a way around the hardships of life is brilliant. Very lovely. ❤ As always, I enjoyed the reading as well. 🙂

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