Become Love my Love

Become Love my Love

23 September 2015

fly art-spire com Tomasz_Alen_Kopera_10

Shed the dark mantle

Embrace budding wilderness

Lose shimmering light


Devoid of all doubt

In peace with the middle way

Desireless of fight

Thomas allen kopera love

Find reflections owned

Shine the Truth into their void

Be each way mastered


Lose conflictions earned

Embrace the dark of their plight

Twine you unburdened

Tomasz Alen Kopera 1976 - Polish Magical Surrealism  painter - Tutt'Art@ (1)

Open your ribcage

Neither victim nor slayer

Walk in unity

Tomasz Alen Kopera_09_reverse love

Impregnate my Heart

Seed me with our future Life

Become Love my Love

Thomas allen kopera love 3

Images courtesy Thomasz Alen Copera with some using George Redhawk animation techniques

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