Man and sun conspired

Man and sun conspired

5 January 2016

vast clouds


The sun emerged white

Battling with moonlit traces

Broad skies twined two lights


The moon shied away

Night’s ample reach drowned in cold

Conceding fair skies


Sunny morrows rose

Shining petals shone through clouds

Limitless broad smiles




Awakening birds

Chirped through boundless horizons

Voices crystal clear


Winter clothed vast lands

In mocking fields of springtime

Luminous rain fell


Pleasant flowers laughed

Immense wit to trick seasons

Man and sun conspired


vast jasmine

This post is inspired by nature in Dubai in winter and by the prompts in Ronovan writes weekly Haiku poetry prompt challenge using the words vast, clear and their synonyms. Ping back and rules here

I got the Sun in the Morning – Doris Day

41 thoughts on “Man and sun conspired

  1. Just reading about the sun and flowers was a joy. We are at Zero right now and will be dropping to -4 at night. Winter is not a good for birds, animals, or the homeless. It’s just way too cold for living things. When I put the cat food out it freezes almost immediately. The snow is frozen, everything is frozen and we are not living in the country or the Arctic. Arggggg! It’s only January 11th. Thank you for the flowers.

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  2. What beautiful imagery in both word and photo…Geetha, your description of the coming of morning fits perfectly the ingredients of an Aubade – a poem that laments or welcomes the morning :Just gorgeous, my friend…hope all is well!!

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    • Thank you Thomas. Yet another comment I did not see before. This is great. So I can create a new Aubade section and add this one to it or are there other ingredients I have to have as well? I guess I can still cheat and put it in the Aubade section 😀
      I am well thank you for asking and I hope you are well too 🙂

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    • Thank you Mihran, that is really such a sweet comment and compliment. I doubt though that people in this day and age would actually fall in love just based on words from someone. At least let’s say it would be a very rare thing today. Thanks as always for your appreciation 🙂


      • I agree and respect each word – once Shakespeare mentioned the following:

        Love is merely a madness: and, I tell you, deserves as
        as well a dark house and a whip, as madmen do: and the
        reason why they are not so punished and cured, is, that
        the lunacy is so ordinary, that the whippers are in love too.

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    • Thank you Eric. I am glad you liked it. Today was a glorious morning and seeing the sun and moon together in the sky always produces such a curious effect, especially if the night was cold before that phenomenon occurs


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