Nighttime Dress

Nighttime Dress

30 July 2016

angelstears nighttime id hrhwalls com


Carry three

Through the night’s mantle

The monsters


My cloak of everlasting

Neon light blasting


Dragons rise

Their wings a sunshade

For Gaia


She sunbathes as the suns burn

Centuries that turn


Cool me slow

Bring the humming low

Nighttime Dress

Moon caress

He watches her now undress

Speaker of the names


Reading of the poem: 

Nigttime dress deviantart com degrotte-Leve-l-ancre-pour-une-exotique-nature

Sow The Salt – Thomas Feiner & Steve Jansen

Many names – Thomas Feiner

Mesmerene – Thomas Feiner

25 thoughts on “Nighttime Dress

      • I write for many reasons. Sometimes it is my muse, telling me things. Other times it is voices chattering away. On a deeply personal level. I have to write. It is in my very soul. If I don’t write, I don’t feel whole if that makes sense.

        I’ve been writing since I was little. 1st or 2nd grade. It ironically is hard to put into words why specifically I write. I have an undying, burning, intense compulsion to write. If I don’t write, I lose myself, I’m not me. If I don’t listen to the things said within my mind, the constant ideas, the things I see or hear in my mind, I am quite literally tortured.

        It feels like my soul is dying. I know it sounds dramatic, but I get headaches, stressed, I feel internally like I’m slowly decaying from within. I’m probably doing a terrible job of explaining the why, but it really is hard to put into words properly.

        Just know, if I don’t write, it is likened to no longer existing. I would lose myself. There could be absolutely no one reading what I write ever, and I would still write as frequently and madly as I do because I have to and equally as much, because I love to write more than anything else!

        I have an undying, mad drive & love for writing.

        Why do you write?

        Also thank you for asking.

        Cheers! ^_^

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        • The fantastic part of this is that I totally understand and relate to why you write. Most of my writings are related to dreamtime incidents though (as well as times when I am about to fall asleep or have just been sleeping). In my case too I write since a very long time (around the age of 11-12 to be precise on a regular basis) In terms of writing what comes to you, it is sometimes interesting to challenge as well the ideas and thoughts that take place within you so as to write from different places (both dark and light). I have not had enough time to delve into all that you write so am not sure whether you have carried out the exercise. Thanks for sharing with me. It is really very interesting.

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          • Much of what I write in my blog is darker, although in a morbid sense humor can be found from time to time. Yeah, dreams can provide tons of inspiration. Entry 30 is about someone I see in a recurring dream I have about twice each year or so.

            I don’t talk about that one too much though. It kind of freaks me out. It is interesting to challenge the ideas of what come to you. Writing from perspective of light as well as darkness. It isn’t like I couldn’t write something more cheery I suppose. I’ll let you be the judge of whether I ever do such things in regards to this blog.

            I do find what you mention about challenging these ideas intriguing, and inspiring. It has got me thinking. Hopefully I can find a way to incorporate it into this blog in some way, (even if only every now and then) at some point.

            I’m glad we can relate, and yeah, I know a lot of what I write is super dark, but horror has always resonated with me from a young age. Also, despite my blog and username, I’m actually quite cheery in life. It is super awesome seeing someone else who has been writing since very young. ^_^

            I love discussing writing so I’m very happy to hear your thoughts and experiences as well. Thank you so much for sharing, as well as challenging my way of thinking in terms of my blog. To me there is beauty in darkness. I’ve always seen it that way.

            Also thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment.

            Cheers! ^_^

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            • There is definitely beauty in Darkness as there is beauty in Light. I have come to see the one as the enhancement to the other so I personally have come to a place of balance or of stillness. I still write from places of darkness sometimes but it is only when challenging my light.
              Funnily enough I used to watch a lot of horror movies when I was a young girl as they fascinated me and I did write a lot of dark poetry as well. With time and with the challenging aspect, I write mainly from a point of balance where I am not trying to get the reader to engage with their own internal aspects.
              Interestingly I have a recurring dream too and a person I see in dream although this is a regular happening and not just twice a year. I am glad we can exchange. It is really interesting to know how people who write think considering my process is quite different from those I talked to until now. Your process is probably the closest to what I would describe as my creative process.

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              • Yeah, we seem to identify with certain aspects of one another in terms of our creative processes. You have balance in what you write. I like that. I won’t promise that things will get brighter on my end in terms of my writing in regards to this blog, but I like the idea you put forth, and I like seeing another perspective when it comes to writing and inspirations as well as perspective.

                I’m quite comfortable in the shadows, and with who I am as a writer. Perhaps I should create another blog to showcase the lighter half of my writing abilities. See, you are a genius! You have inspired me. If the light won’t show through in this blog, I can make another that is in direct dichotomy of this one. It likely won’t have any relation to this one. Thank you for that. I am unsure of when I will have this created, but definitely soon. I love that WordPress allows one to create more than one blog. I’ve actually been looking for a way to write the other things I want to create, but this blog wasn’t the right place for that.

                Thank you for inspiring me! ^_^

                Wow, we share a lot of similarities outside of writing it seems as well. I grew up watching horror movies since I was about 7 years old. My aunt (who we used to spend summers with) let us watch Nightmare On Elm Street, Children Of The Corn, many of the now classic films of horror.

                I quite enjoy your perspective, and apologies if I ramble. I was working out how I would do other works or share that light while I was writing back to you. Thank you for sharing a different process and perspective and for inspiring me!

                Cheers! ^_^

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